Multi-Purpose Labels

Multi-Purpose Labels:

For most businesses, marketing dollars are like great parking spots. Limited. This makes getting the most bang for your company’s buck crucial. This age old dilemma of making the best use of limited resources can be frustrating, especially when endeavoring to implement and maintain branding. One financially-savvy way to ensure that marketing budget dollars are smartly spent is by using multi-purpose labels.

Marketing tools are a bit like great actors – the more roles they can successfully play, the better. Consider one label that can be repurposed to have many functions. A small business could order high-quality logo labels to use for such purposes as:

Package branding

Envelope sealing

Promotional use

Trade shows

Gift card embellishments

Store bag sealers


Let’s dig a little deeper and investigate some more ideas for putting these jack-of-all-trade labels to use. When considering trade show give-aways, the same label could be affixed to disposable water bottles, goodie bags, sample packets, bags of candy, paper coffee or cocoa cups, small flashlights, or simply handed out in lieu of business cards.

A bridal boutique could re-purpose the same label to pull extra duty by reinforcing the store’s brand on price tags, invoices, letterhead, thank-you notes, shoe and accessory boxes, or bags.

What about an organic food shop? One creatively designed label might work well to remind patrons of the shop’s geographic location as well as online ordering capabilities when placed on all boxes, bottles, jars, pouches, and other food containers, while also driving home the brand on pamphlets, free recipe idea cards, or other handouts.

In some instances, it’s nice to be able to remove a label without ripping off part of a package label underneath (there’s nothing like unwittingly destroying a crucial part of the product’s instructions or warnings!). We have the perfect solution. Label Works’ removable stock allows for clean and easy removal of the label from a variety of surfaces. Nothing lost!

Looking to capture some extra attention? Consider freeform™ labels. This patented technology allows Label Works to create a uniquely-shaped label that works well on multiple products. What do we mean by uniquely-shaped labels? With freeform™, we’ve thrown the need for standard label shapes out the window. Need a label shaped like a puzzle piece? No problem. An umbrella? We’ve got you covered. You name it, we’ll cut it! This can add some pizzazz that will get any label noticed. And let’s be honest, they’re just a load of fun.

Our customer service experts are ready to answer any and all questions you might have about multi-use labels. Please give us a call! We’re here from 9 a.m to 6 pm (CST), Monday through Friday, at 718-798-8300. We look forward to discussing with you the many wonderful ways multi-use labels can help those marketing budget dollars stretch.


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